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Astor Community Center
Astor Community Center

The Astor Community Association is a not-for-profit corporation organized to serve the community of Astor, Florida. Under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors, the association works to promote and foster education, recreation, social activities, and community-building activities for all of its members. The association seeks to improve the community through working with Lake County elected officials and agencies to ensure that adequate health, safety, and community services are available to the area’s residents.

A Brief History of the Association

The Astor Community Association was organized in January 1976 and received its Certificate of Incorporation from the State of Florida on March 19, 1976. Its founding officers were Mrs. Muriel Pease (President), Mrs. Garnet Loop (Vice-President), Mrs. Delma Williams (Secretary), and Mrs. Miriam Mitchell (Treasurer). Elected as Directors were Mr. Carlyle Baker, Mr. Robert Norris, Mr. Bradford Brown, and Mr. Glenn Burhans.

One of the very early goals of the Board of Directors was the construction of a building to serve as a community center from which service to the community could be provided. Mr. Jack Baker was appointed by the Board to serve as Chairman of a Building Committee and was charged to move forward in planning for funding and constructing a suitable building. Mrs. Pease and Mr. & Mrs. Otis Lee each donated two lots on what is now Ann Street to the Association to serve as the building’s location.

A building permit was secured from Lake County on June 28, 1978 and, with a loan of $25,000 from the Umatilla State Bank, the Astor Community Center was constructed and the building’s first event was a meeting of the Board of Directors on September 26, 1978.

Because of the dedication and hard work of these pioneering citizens of Astor, the community has been served by the Astor Community Center throughout the past years. Today, the Astor Community Association continues as a vibrant organization serving the residents of the community.

The Astor Community Association Today

The ACA continues to operate as an all-volunteer organization. An elected Board of Directors directs and manages the affairs of the corporation and reports its activities to the membership at monthly community dinners held from September through May of each year. The Annual Meeting of the corporation is held at the December community dinner, at which time officers and directors for the coming year are elected and installed. A variety of on-going and special programs and activities are conducted at the Community Center (see the Programs & Activities page). One of the ACA’s major activities is an active Thrift Shop that serves the community with quality and affordable clothing and household goods – and provides principal operating income for the Association.